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Portable LiveU / TVU devices offer a cost-effective alternative for transmission in a quality sufficient for broadcasting, while increasing the free movement of operators in live mode.

Cellular networks are used to provide multi-channel fault-tolerant channels or Wi-Fi connections for 24-hour news and reports from the field of events, both in motion and in static positions.

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As a LiveU reseller partner, Uplink Service LLC offers the newest LiveU LU800 unit for purchase or rent

LU800 is a portable multi-camera solution for every type of production, designed for live news and dynamic sports coverage

The LU800 is LiveU’s breakthrough all-in-one production-level field unit. The LU800 combines multi-camera production and mission-critical transmission with superior video and audio capabilities in a native 5G unit. As reliable as satellite/fiber, the LU800 offers a highly cost-effective solution for complex remote productions.

Up to four high-res, fully frame-synced feeds from a single portable unit. The LU800 can be turned into a multi-cam unit at any given time with the PRO2/PRO4 multi-cam license.

The LU800 bonds up to 14 connections with up to eight 5G/4G internal dual SIM modems; supporting up to 70Mbps, based on LiveU’s award-winning, patented HEVC technology.

Delivers the highest performance, with up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR transmission for optimal color depth and richness, as well as up to 16 audio channels.

We offer the LiveU equipment for sale or rent.

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